1. I use PremierePro CS4 a


1. I use PremierePro CS4 and use multi-cameras and may have many more than threetimelines/sequences, some nested, and all the other stuff you’d do when editing, and PremierePro handles them just fine. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the number of timelines.

2. Your computer should be OK, but having three (3) internal or eSata hard drives can help.Premiere lets you allocate drives: say drive C for the system and project files, drive Dfor your source files and a third drive for the preview files. This allocation provides tremendous speed improvements. Buy tera-byte drives.

3. Your processor should be fine – mine is the i7-940 which is only slightly faster than yours, but I do have 12GB memory. Before I went to Vista 64-bit I had a system with only 4GB of memory, and PremierePro CS4 constantly crashed on projects of very minimal size. It was very frustrating, and it crashed on over a dozen projects. The problem was that 4GB in a 32-bit OS is not enough. You have 6GB and a 64-bit OS which is much better, but be alert for crashes – that shouldn’t happen unless you have a larger project; most projects should work just fine.

4. Editing doesn’t make much use of your kind of graphics power, but of course it won’t interfere in any way either.

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