1. DI – yes, it’s normally


1. DI – yes, it’s normally used for exactly this purpose – feeding into a PA. You have to remember that you will need a pair of headphones to let you balance the real instruments against the electronic or amplified ones. Guitars are often amazingly loud or too quiet, and the drums will sound horrible – you hear them through the room, and via spill. So you do a run through and have a listen, and adjust, then do it again – this is what makes it so difficult to do properly on minimal kit.
3.The audio interface is the device as you said – that connects to the analogue world and converts it into something the computer understand – via USB.

The camera sound is quite useful – essential, actually because you need ti to synchronise the audio to the video – down beats on the drums are pretty visual and easy to hear. You can also use the camera sound to add in a bit of room sound – if it helps not hinders.

5 – this is the key feature – you have little control afterwards, hence why getting it right is so hard.

Pointing one camera at a band is boring, and the sound is rarely good. Hence why it gets complicated to do it properly, in a way that people will watch.

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