;0) Wrote:My Bad. I apolog


;0) Wrote:

My Bad. I apologize.
I assumed anybody who didn’t read the Youtube instructions on how to prep videos, for uploading to thier site, also may have failed to read the fine print on copyright.
I figured the warning about copyright may may encourage one to reread thier info. If you didn’t want to give up your rights to your work, then the codec issue becomes a moot point.
I find quicktime works just fine. I use quicktime pro. Hope that helps.


I have read all their available FAQs… and I still think they look like crap. I have seen super sharp video uploads and some super crappy ones. I have tried MPG2, MPG4, Divx/Xvid… I just don’t find a codec/compression level/etc that seems to fit my personal standards of quality…

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