;0) Wrote:how about openin


;0) Wrote:

how about opening a door for fans to make submissions, news tips and how-tos for submission?
could take a poll, and add in popular stuff for your next vidcast..

That would actually be cool, I guess the problem for Videomaker would be the extra time they’d have to take filtering out what they felt appropriate and quality for their viewers as well as the extra bandwidth/ storage space they’d need (which wouldn’t be as big a problem as the former). I bet there are so many talented people that subscribe to the mag and would provide excellent stuff. I like how in tips and letters readers/ viewers could give advice and you all read out the tips. However readers/ viewers showing our own recorded tips and tricks, then put in the vidcast would be great. Kinda like the Take 20, but you wouldn’t critique (because you’d select a vid you knew was quality advice) and just elaborate or add an alternative method really quick to what was just viewed as the tip/ trick. Well I’m sure you’ve already thought of it anyways πŸ™‚

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