Rendering Thousands of Love Stories

Anna and Chris are the co-owners of Necrania’s Dream Art Studio in Chico, California. At a typical wedding, Anna and Chris can shoot up to 3000 images to piece together that perfect romantic narrative for the newlyweds. “We absolutely love being able to capture a couples love for one another whether it be photos, videos or both,” the couple says.

The two of them are no strangers to technology’s influence on visual storytelling; after all, they met via a mobile app. “We met on Instagram — That’s right. Instagram!” Chris says.

Balancing Productivity with Perfection

The couple has captured many special moments in their clients’ lives and as their business rapidly grows, they are juggling creative work, logistics, schedules, production, and more. .“It’s common for us to be working on a few weddings at a time. It’s hard to balance sometimes,” Chris says.

Not only are their deadlines important to meet, but Anna and Chris have to make sure they create something uniquely special for their couple clients. In a business so centered on client happiness (no one ever wants to disappoint a newly married couple!) being productive is critical.

Intel’s Core i9 processor allows Anna and Chris to make every project special

It’s typical for Chris and Anna to capture half a terabyte of video in one day, plus those thousands of still photos. With all that data, this couple needs a computer that’s purpose-built for editing videos and photos.

They currently use Intel’s Core i9 X-Series processor — and it’s working great for them. “With the Intel Core i9 X-Series processor, we don’t have to wait. We can continue creating beautiful stories,” says Chris. “[Intel’s Core i9 processor] gives us more time to work on each project and allows us to take on more work.”

With their previous machine, they wasted a lot of time because of low processing. “On our last machine, we got used to waiting on the computer,” says Anna.  

Once they upgraded to the Intel Core i9 processor, they no longer had to wait for videos and pictures to render. And with more weddings on the books, they need that time to focus on their art. “It’s all about creating the best work and making sure you don’t put in more time than is needed,” Chris says.

Anna and Chris also use Thunderbolt 3 to quickly store all their important data externally — and edit content on location. This speeds up and simplifies their workflow, furthering their ability to meet the needs of their business.

The Huttons want to focus on what they love to do and that’s to tell the best story with the most uniqueness possible. “We just want to be creative and get the job done all while telling the best story,” Chris says.

Their love for each other and creating stories conquered all their setbacks

The story of how this couple opened their business is quite remarkable. Not only did they meet on Instagram, but also they used to live 5,500 miles from one other. Even though they were living on opposite sides of the world — Chris in Northern California, Anna in the Czech Republic — their love for telling stories through photography and film (not to mention their love for each other) eliminated the distance between them. It wasn’t long until they were working together and telling stories of love from countless numbers of happy couples.

Upgrading to the Core i9 X-Series processor has been a game changer for Anna and Chris. They now relish in faster processing and rendering speeds. In turn, they can take on more projects because their time isn’t being wasted. Thunderbolt 3 allows the couple to store data externally and work externally, speeding up and simplifying their workflow.

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