Red Giant’s Trapcode Suite 15 promises incredibly realistic fluid graphics

Red Giant’s Trapcode Suite 15 introduces a new radical Dynamic Fluids engine that lets creators create graphics with beautifully realistic fluid movement.

“We are incredibly excited to release something this groundbreaking to the community of After Effects artists,” says Chad Bechert, CEO of Red Giant.

Dynamic Fluids

Red Giant claims their the Dynamic Fluids physics engine will make it possible to create particle systems that move and interact with each other as if they’re in a fluid environment.

“This release will completely change the range of what artists will be able to create inside of After Effects, opening the door to new and more robust particle system animation, motion graphics and VFX,” says Chad Bechert.

Territory Studio, which is responsible for motion graphics work in films like Blade Runner 2049 and Ready Player One, tried out the new Dynamic Fluids physics engine in Trapcode Suite 15. This is what Sam Keehan, senior motion designer at Territory, had to say about the engine:

“The new features in Trapcode 15 are great developments,” said Keehan. “We’ve been able to achieve simulations that previously we would have had to jump out of AE for. The new Dynamic Fluids physics engine allows for a much more believable level of randomness and can be applied in all sorts of ways that elevate the traditional Trapcode workflow to a new place. Really fun to work with and definitely something to permanently add to the mograph toolbox going forward!”

To see just how beautiful the effects you can create with the new engine are, check out the video Territory made using the technology:

Trapcode Suite 15’s update highlights

Trapcode Particular 4

Red Giant’s Trapcode Particular lets users bring the power of 3D particle systems to After Effects. “Create fire, water, smoke, snow and other organic effects. Combine multiple particle systems into one unified 3D space for visually stunning results,” says Red Giant.

New features:

  • Dynamic Fluids: with the new Dynamic Fluids physics engine, users can create dynamic, swirling effects. Now fluids look like they’re moving like real fluids. There’s additionally four customizable fluidic forces and behaviors to choose from.
  • Designer: it’s now easier to create particle grids and particle objects in Form’s updated Designer. You can add adjustable blocks with preset settings and styles for forms and particles.
  • 335+ Presets: there’s over 150 Trapcode Form presets and each is fully-customizable. 20 of those presets showcase the new fluid feature.

Trapcode Mir 3

New features:

  • 3D Models: Users can now use 3D models as Mir objects. Additionally, you can choose from Mir’s library or upload your own models through the new OBJ loading panel. D models can be deformed and repeated like any other Mir surface.
  • Surface Presets: there are new 16 surface presets and they focus on shaders and textures for different surface styles. Each one is fully customizable.

Pricing and availability

Trapcode Suite 15 is available now for $999 through Red Giant’s website. For users with the previous version of Trapcode, it will cost you $199 to upgrade.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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