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How to Pass the FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test for Drone Pilots

How to Pass the FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test for Drone...

You may ask yourself, do I need to be certified to fly a drone? What all is required to become certified? How can I...
5 Reasons to Start a Newsletter Today

5 Reasons to Start a Newsletter for Your Video Business

An email newsletter is considered one of the most direct and cost-effective marketing tools. If you need proof, just go to your inbox and...
It’s a tricky game, but selling your videos online can help you reach a larger audience and greater success.

Distribution in the Post-DVD Era

DVDs are still wonderful to many of us movie-lovers. You can hold them, enjoy the artwork, and display your collection on a shelf. You...
Beginner’s Guide to Online Revenue

Cash After The Jump: Beginner’s Guide to Online Revenue

No matter what your homepage is, it should be clear that as soon as you fire up your computer for high-quality web-surfing, someone is...
Think of the videos you make for clients not just as a singular end-product, but as a tool that will be used to spread a message.

5 Ways to Deal with Low-ball Video Production Clients

There is this idea that, because most people now have cameras in their pockets, making a video is easy. Hiring a professional, therefore, shouldn’t...
The Internet: Friend or Foe?

How to Navigate the Legalities of Distributing Video Online

The Internet, with all its conveniences and complexities, has changed the way videographers watch, share, and interact with video. Video sharing websites like YouTube...
With careful planning and measured purchases your kit can expand and develop as your business grows, while minimising the impact on your pocket.

Ask these Questions Before Replacing Your Equipment

Manufacturers are constantly trying to tempt you with the new and updated versions of their products. Plus, video-making trade shows such as NAB are...
Graphic showing interconnections among various individuals and companies.

Increase YouTube Visibility With Channel Collaborations

Before the appearance of the Internet and, more specifically, the birth of the social video-sharing website YouTube in 2005, building an audience for even...
Top 4 Tips for Successful Cold Calling

Top 4 Tips for Successful Cold Calling

My father sold insurance for a living and in paying just a little bit of attention, I promise if you solicit, it will yield...
Man shooting empty living room with digital camera

7 Profitable Video Business Models with Little Competition

The obvious problem with joining the crowd is that you’re liable to get trampled, and the popular video markets, such as weddings and commercials,...

Video Courses

How to Be Successful on YouTube

Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube — that's almost an hour for every person on Earth. It's the...

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What is a Director of Photography?

Is that person behind the camera a Director of Photography, Cinematographer or Camera Operator? Are they all the same thing? Does the size of the production or cost of the camera make a difference? We decided to go to the source and...
How you can look your best for your virtual meetin

How to look great for your virtual meeting or video call

Virtual meetings have their own set of things you need to consider. It’s imperative to look as good as you do on camera as you do off camera.

Professional networking: How to make connections and grow your business

When you think of networking, the image that often comes to mind is a large room of people walking around passing out business cards. Although it is important to get out and meet other professionals in your area when possible, there are...

How to make money with video

In this episode of the Videomaker Podcast, Chris and Mike talk about how to make the leap from amateur to professional in the world of video production and filmmaking.
The Videomaker Podcast #8 with Mike Wilhelm and Chris Monlux

Making TV commercials for a living this episode of the Videomaker Podcast, Chris and Mike talk about what it's like to make TV commercials for a living.Listen on iTunesListen on SpotifyMusic Licensed from PremiumBeat

Getting paid to make travel videos

On this episode, we have a conversation with travel vlogger Juliana Broste; we talk about how to get the best video possible out of a mobile phone; and we argue about whether or not anyone really needs 6K video.
Wedding Videographer at rectiption

What to do when you have too much freelance work

What do you do when you’ve been offered more work than you have time? That’s a question many freelancers are faced with all too often
Man with camera in urban setting.

How to be professional — both on and off set

No matter how skilled you are as a videographer, you won't be able to win or keep clients with an unprofessional attitude. Here's how to make a good impression, both on and off set.
Group of people gathered around a table with paperwork

Project management for video production: A professional’s guide

Project management for video means figuring out what needs to be done, in what order and by what time. Then, you must ensure it actually gets done.

Video contests: Should you really bother?

Ever wonder if entering a video contest is a smart use of your time? There are numerous benefits to stretching your creativity with some healthy competition.

How freelancers can advocate for their rights in the gig economy

With the gig economy experiencing a full boom, more attention than ever is turning to the backbone of companies, like Uber — independent contractors.

How to become a full-time video editor

A video is not a work of art until it has been edited. That's where the magic happens. Here's how to harness that magic as a full-time video editor.

How to compete with filmmakers who work for free

Making video is more accessible than ever, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be compensated for your time and skill. Here's how to compete with free when it comes to video production work.

The basics of running a profitable video business

As videographers, we tend to focus on the creative side of video production. However, if you want to take your videography to...