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The Successful Video Entrepreneur


Get confident and beef up your business savvy with this easy-to-read and informative eBook that demystifies the process of starting your own business.

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Accounting, marketing, building customer relations… Just the thought of tackling those challenges is enough to discourage many videographers from seriously pursuing their video dreams. But you don’t need to be an MBA to build a working business. In this eBook, we’ll show you how!

We’ve tailored this book specifically for videographers, not for businesspeople. With this book, you’ll see how simple it can be; we cut out all the jargon and buzzwords that make starting a business sound like rocket science!

• Considering a Partnership
• Marketing Your Business
• Press Releases
• Co-ops
• Finding Your Target Audience
• Planning & Budgeting Your Advertising
• Keep your Customers Happy
• Finding a Sponsor
• Marketing Your Videos
• Fulfillment Services
• Budgeting for Profit
• Client Services
• Hiring Employees
• Opportunities: Video Depositions
• Opportunities: Family Portrait Video
• The Legalities of Shooting on Location
• Protecting your Work


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