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Music videos are full of potential. They can help make a name for an artist, and can also launch the video producer to stardom as well. To help get your career started weve compiled a visual step-by-step guide to forming ideas for music videos, how to draw up contracts in order to stay legal, and what to consider when preparing for, directing, and editing an innovative and imaginative production that both you and your client can enjoy.


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Choosing a Music Video Genre
Learn how to choose the right music video genre that not only matches your vision, but the artists style as well.

Forming Ideas for Music Videos
We look at sources for ideas such as the artists identity, musical lyrics, shock value, media, and how to properly use recycled ideas.

Contracts for Music Videos
To help you with your contracts, well look at talent and location releases, employee contracts, and client agreements to help keep you out of court.

Pre-production for Music Videos
We’ll show you how to get your location ready, what youll need for makeup and wardrobe, and what to prepare for your talent and crew on the day of the shoot.

Directing Music Video Shoots
Well show you some helpful tips to help you make sure the talent and crew give the performances they need on a music video shoot.

Editing Music Videos
Learn how to organize your edit, build your rough cut, and add effects to your project so that your video will impress your client.

Running Time 32 Minutes

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