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How To: Make Video Look Like Film


All video professionals and indie filmmakers put a great deal of effort into their final product. If you want to go a step beyond and achieve that pinnacle of video nirvana known as “The Film Look, this DVD explains why film and video have such different appearances. Learn everything from choosing a camera to using the right lighting for your project, as well as how to create a unique look for your project in post production using color correction and color grading.




Defining the Film Look
Learn what traits make film look the way it does, why video looks different, and ways to help your video emulate the film look.

Choosing a Camera
The right camera can help you achieve the film look. We discuss camera components and types, including camcorders, DSLRs, and digital cinema cameras.

Frame Rates and Interlacing
How you set up your frame rate can affect the look of your footage. Learn and understand the difference between interlaced and progressive footage.

Great lighting is a primary factor in achieving the film look. Learn about different light sources, lighting instruments, and lighting styles.

Color Correction
Good color correction makes your video rich and consistent. We talk about primary color correction, including the use of scopes.

Color Grading and Shot Matching
Color grading and shot matching gives films their unique style. Learn techniques to match shots and create coveted film looks.

Running time: 41 minutes

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