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How To: Directing and Pre-Production


Directing is hard work and takes some serious organization. No matter how big or small your production, every director benefits from some planning and preparation. This DVD shows you how to break down a script, cast a production, and organize a shoot. From there learn how to block shots, get good performances from actors, and manage a production crew. Follow the steps weve provided and your shoot will go off without a hitch.


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How to Break Down a Script
Learn how to flesh out your characters and discover the story of your next great production.

How to Cast a Production
Bring your characters to life with the best cast possible. Learn where to find good talent and work through the screening process.

How to Organize a Shoot
Time is money and organization is key to a good production. This segment teaches you how and why to assemble a storyboard, organize your resources, and manage a production schedule.

How to Block Shots
The process of positioning your actors is called blocking, and its an important step in determining the direction of your shoot.

How to Get Good Performances
Every director wants a good performance from the cast. Learn to prepare and direct your actors for the best possible production.

How to Manage a Crew
Everyone on set needs to work to achieve a common goal. As the director, its your job to keep the production moving efficiently.

Running Time 35 Minutes

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