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How To: Advanced Audio for Video


To produce high quality videos, you need to capture and edit high quality sound. Learning the tips and tricks to record and edit audio is a great way to raise the production value of your whole project. In this DVD, we teach you everything from the initial recording process, to using post production filters, as well as syncing your audio to video and producing a great sound mix. These essential tools will enhance the audio in your project to achieve a more professional result.




How to Record Voice Overs
Learn how to prepare a recording booth, choose proper audio equipment and record high quality voice overs.

How to Use Compressors, Limiters and Noise Gates
Ensure that your audio is well balanced and free of both low-end noise and high-end distortion by using compressors, limiters and noise gates.

How to Use Audio Effects and Filters in Post
Improve your mix using effects and filters like EQ, Lowpass, Highpass and Notch filters as well as compressors, limiters and reverb.

How to Mic Groups of People
Learn how to mic different scenarios like studio interviews, conference rooms, live events and film acting.

How to Sync Dual System Sound
We show you how to sync your audio and video using timecode, slates waveforms and synching software to keep your timing on track.

How to Design a Professional Sound Mix in Post
Well show you how to design a professional sound mix in post using ducking, frequency gaps and normalization to give your audio a professional polish..

Running time: 31 minutes

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