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Green Screen Basic Training


Pulling off professional green screen effects is all in the techniques. The experts at Videomaker show you how in 6 step-by-step easy to follow tutorial training sessions! Everything from building your very own green screen to pulling off fun effects like flying.


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How to Build a Green Screen
Don’t let green screen prices stop you from pulling off great effects! In this segment you will learn how to build a functional green screen for under $10.

Green Screen Setup
How to properly set up your green screen backdrop, lighting, and camera. We will go over some common errors and their solutions.

How to Light a Green Screen
Lighting the green screen properly is crucial for pulling a good key when editing. We will look for common errors and fix them along the way.

Outdoor Green Screen
In this segment we will go over using existing light sources properly, and the advantages and disadvantages of using a green screen outdoors.

Advanced Green Screen Tricks
Learn how to use the green screen for more advanced tricks like the art of flight.

Website Video Spokesperson Effect
We will go over an effective online marketing tool used in the virtual web world. Speak to your audience online with this step-by-step Website Spokesperson Effect, using all the techniques we have covered.

Running Time: 24 Minutes

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