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Foldable Videography Tip Sheet (eDoc)


Help when you need it! This handy, foldable Videography Tip Sheet is designed to always be on hand, no matter what the location of your shoot!

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Maybe you can’t decide the best way to light the set. Maybe you can’t remember whether you should use autofocus to catch a parade marching by or an intimate one-on-one interview. Or maybe you’re ready to conduct an interview and your mind just goes blank. It’s happened to everyone. No matter how much you prepare ahead of time, sometimes you need a little extra help while you’re in the field.

That’s when you reach for your Videomaker Tip Sheet.

This handy, pocket-sized reference is perfect for when you have a question in the middle of shooting. Videomaker’s cheat sheet is made to help you in your hour of direst need when you’re right in the thick of a shoot and you don’t have the time to look up answers in some thick manual.

The Videomaker Tip Sheet includes answers to commonly asked questions about:

  • Tips for Shooting Video
  • Camera Controls
  • Lighting Tips
  • Audio Recording Tips

In addition, you’ll find:

  • Talent Release for when you need to quickly get permission from someone appearing in your video
  • Camera Menu Items to prime you on the best use of your tools
  • Location Checklist to help you scout locations for shooting
  • Packing Checklist to make sure you never leave home without the right equipment

This is a downloadable PDF that you can print out and fold up to fit in your pocket. It’s your best friend in a shooting emergency. Give yourself some peace of mind, knowing that you’ll always have a little extra assistance handy when you really need it.


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