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Essential Forms for Wedding Videographers


Videomaker's Book of Essential Forms for Wedding Videographers contains over 20 pages of essential forms to help you plan your wedding shoot, get organized, stay legal, and ask the right questions.

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There’s no more high-pressure video situation than a wedding. You get only one chance to get it right and falling short can be disastrous for a budding wedding videographer. What can you do? Trust Videomaker, the premiere resource for the working videographer, to guide you through this minefield with The Videomaker Book of Essential Forms for Wedding Videographers.

Juggling all the demands of the big wedding day is a daunting task and you can’t afford to make mistakes. These forms will help you through the day without missing a beat. Your clients will know that they’re in professional hands when they see you preparing and keeping your shoot organized with these handy forms.

Essential Forms for Wedding Videographers includes:

Production Forms
• Job Summary (bill record)
• Equipment Check Out
• Remote Shoot Checklist
• Video Equipment Checklist
• Shot Sheet
• Shot Log
• Duplication Request
• Notice of Revised Job Estimate

Client Forms
• Wedding Information
• Wedding Location Information
• Videography Coverage Checklist
• Guest Interview Sheet
• Videography Coverage Timeline
• Wedding Information Sheet
• Wedding Videography Package Options
• Notes & Resources

Why gamble with your livelihood when it’s so easy to prepare for every wedding contingency? Start your journey into wedding videography with confidence and end it secure in the knowledge that your clients will be speaking highly of you every time they re-watch their wedding video.


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