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The most important part of any video is the story. In documentaries, a good story can turn ordinary situations into insightful and meaningful experiences for the audience. To help you make better documentary stories, we look at using the dramatic arc, structuring your story, storytelling styles, finding the story, culling the information, and controlling time to make an entertaining and relevant story.


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Story Basics
Learn how story basics, such as theme, motivation and the dramatic arc, work together in order to help you write engaging story lines.

Story Structure
We show you some common elements of a solid story structure including shots, scenes and acts, and how to put them together within a three-act structure.

The Approach
We explore the different genres of documentary productions to help you determine the types of stories that work best for each genre.

Researching the Story
Learn how to form questions that reveal a great deal of information about a story, as well as where to find the best sources for answers.

Finding the Story
We explore the limitations and factors that need consideration in order to find the best possible storyline in a subject or event.

Controlling Time
We show you how to control the timing of your documentary so that it can be both entertaining and interesting.

BONUS DVD-ROM CONTENT: Also includes 5 bestselling Videomaker eDocs covering a wide range of video-related documentary topics for viewing on your computer.

Running Time: 34 Minutes

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