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Documentary Interviews: Shooting on Location (eDoc)


When you get involved and direct powerful interviews and shoot compelling video, you have the makings of a great Cinma Vrit style documentary.

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Take your filmmaking to the streets, alleys, jungles and polar caps of the world, recording events, phenomena and people in their own backyard. This style is called Cinma Vrit or Direct Cinema for its penchant for directly observing and, in the case of Vrit, becoming part of the lives it was observing. With today’s small, high-quality cameras and their built-in stabilizers, we are able to take this technique to new heights of quality and access.

Let your subjects tell their story in their own words. As a director, you have to hone your on-camera interviewing skills, so that the result sounds very natural and true to the life you are recording.

Learn the steps to capturing powerful Cinma Vrit style interviews for your documentary, from pre-planning to selecting a setting to interview techniques.


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