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Complete Book of Forms


Videomaker's Complete Book of Forms contains 90 essential forms to help you plan, get organized, stay legal, and ask the right questions. Download to your computer!



These forms present you with the right questions ahead of time so you can plan for success. There are 100s of details that need consideration when making a video. By utilizing these forms, you can make the best choices and avoid problems before they arise. When involving other people in your video project, the Videomaker Complete Book of Forms becomes an essential tool for communication. If you have other people investing time or money in your project, the use of these forms will boost their confidence in you as a professional.

Download to your computer! The complete list of forms included in this PDF is:

• Pre-Production Forms
• Production Planning Forms
• Shoot Planning Sheet
• A/V Info Sheet
• Credits Information
• Title/Credits Form
• Production Request Form
• Facilities Request
• Facilities Sheet
• Production Personnel Form
• Facilities and Personnel Request
• Equipment Request Form
• Equipment Request Form 2
• Equipment Loan List
• Rental Agreement
• Production Cost Forms
• Estimate Form
• Quote Form – Video Services
• Program Budget
• Notice of Revised Job Estimate
• Television Production Cost
• Job Summary – Bill Record
• Project Charge Record
• Script Cover
• Script
• Videotape Script Cover Sheet
• Instructional Media Script
• Videotape Script Example
• Storyboards
• Location Scouting Report
• Video Location Scouting Form
• Lighting Plot
• Lighting Layout
• Talent Tips/Freelance Forms
• Helpful Tips for On-Camera Talent
• Looking Your Best On Television
• Makeup for TV
• Talent Information Form
• Freelance Reference Data Input
• Production Scheduling
• Pre-Production Meeting Schedule
• Production Tracking Form
• Facilities Schedule
• Video Project Summary
• Field Equipment Check List
• Equipment Check Out
• Remote Shoot Checklist

• Video Equipment Checklist
• Release Forms
• Videotape Consent Form
• Videotape, Photographic and Sound Release
• Model Release
• AV Department Release Form
• Shot List
• Shot Sheet
• Shot Log
• Scene/Take Log
• Video Library File
• Production Take Sheet
• Master File Reel
• Post Production
• Program Evaluation Forms
• Video Evaluation Forms
• Client Feedback
• Duplicate Copy Request
• Duplication Form
• Tape Duplication Request
• Dubbing
• File Tape Transfer Information
• Labels (6)
• Video Checkout and Inventory
• Videotape History
• Videotape Inventory
• Video Checkout Log
• Video Services Library Request
• Audio/Video Maintenance Log
• Editing Computer Maintenance Log
• Maintenance Service Time
• Maintenance or Inspection Record
• Maintenance and Project Report
• Service Notes
• Equipment Trouble Report
• A/V Hardware Monthly Utilization Report
• Project Worksheet
• Program Request Progress Chart
• Weekly Work Progress Report
• Project Time Report
• A/V Report of Personnel Hours
• Incident Report
• Equipment Needs Assessment
• Storyboard Rundown Sheet
• Video Services Closeout Summary
• Videotape Production Information Form
• Video Production Job Report
Total pages 126.


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