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Knowing how to work your camera isn’t the same as knowing how your camera works.




Knowing how to work your camera isn’t the same as knowing how your camera works. We teach you to maximize the potential of your camera. Learn to gain full control over your footage by mastering settings like aperture, ISO, shutter speed, frame rate, resolution, white balance, focus, depth of field, recording format and everything in between.

Recording Formats
Understanding recoding formats is essential when making professional videos. We talk about everything that goes into recording formats, including resolution and frame rate.

Exposure is one of the fundamentals of shooting great video. Learn how to get great exposure and how things like ISO, shutter speed and aperture affect it.

Proper focus gives you sharp images, but it can be surprisingly difficult to master. We teach you the right techniques for consistent results.

Depth of Field
Depth of field is a powerful tool for any shooter. Learn what it is, the factors that affect it and different methods to get the look you want.

White Balance
White balance directly affects every frame you shoot. Learn how it works and discover the right way to get natural looking shots every time you pick up a camera.

Manual Controls
If you have a camera with assignable rings and dials, we’ll teach you how to make the most of them by showing you which controls are most important, and why.

Running Time 64 Minutes

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