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Advanced Shooting


In this DVD, the experts at Videomaker help you refine your shooting skills to help tell a better story. Go beyond the basics of shooting! From learning better imaging using exposure and shutter control to mastering good composition and shot movements, this tutorial takes your skills to a higher level of expertise.


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Subjects include:

Storyboards, Shot Sheets, Logs and Slates
How to use shot sheets, storyboards, logs and slates to effectively map shots and boost production quality.

Lenses and Filters
Filters protect your cameras sensitive components, improve shot quality and create interesting effects.

Exposure, Aperture and Shutter
We show you how to control light using your camcorders lens, aperture and shutter.

Camera Movement
Learn the ins and outs of performing specialized shots like dollies, trucks, arcs and cranes and how to improve your story using these advanced techniques.

Handheld Techniques
Tricks to using natural objects, body positioning and camera balance to make smooth and stable shots.

Shot Composition
Get beyond the rule-of-thirds. We show you converging lines, depth of frame, lens compression, focus, zolly and how to shoot moving subjects.

About This Series:

Get an overview of all the elements involved in creating great video. Covering the necessary theory, tools, terms and techniques, Videomaker’s Training Video Series is a favorite among instructors teaching basic video production!

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Running Time 32 Minutes


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