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Advanced Lighting for Video


This program gives you tips on setting up a studio, how to cleverly light products, how to light car interiors, ways to get over the challenge of lighting at night, and how to hide your fixtures when shooting a wide shot. Using this knowledge, you should be able to light scenes that look as good as those in the movies!


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Lighting controls the way we see the world. It can also cause the difference between a great looking image and a mediocre one. Segments include:

Setting up a Studio
We show you what you need to consider when choosing and building a studio space including size, electricity, and sound.

Studio Lighting
Well help you get the most from your studio lighting by discussing lamp types, fixture types and room dimensions you should consider.

Product Lighting
Learn how to master the control of product lighting and light placement that will make products look both tempting and professional.

Lighting Car Interiors
Learn a few tried and true methods to lighting car interiors such as placing hidden lights inside the car, shooting in a studio or using a truck to power and tow the car.

Lighting Night Scenes
For the best night-lighting results, we go through tips on how to professionally light car interiors and outdoor settings.

Lighting Wide Shots
We define the goals of good lighting, give you some tips on how to hide light fixtures, and offer some ideas for good lighting design when shooting wide shots.

About This Series

Get an overview of all the elements involved in creating great video. Covering the necessary theory, tools, terms and techniques, Videomaker‘s Training Video Series is a favorite among instructors teaching basic video production!

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Running Time 31 Minutes

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