Product Comparisons

We are currently rebuilding our product comparisons with a new and improved interface. In the meantime, here are the latest Videomaker Buyer’s Guides to assist you in choosing the right options for you.

Buyer’s Guides

Interchangeable-Lens Camera Buyer’s Guide

Technology built into the DSLR controls shooting and affects the visual outcome of the shot. This is also true of Cinema-specific cameras possessing interchangeable-lens capabilities. Being able to change lenses provides creative freedom as well as the ability to use lenses provided by third-party manufacturers in some cases. Not being locked into a single fixed-lens situation also allows for cost issues to be more effectively reconciled.

Fixed-Lens Video Camera Buyer’s Guide

There is no such thing as an all-in-one camera that fulfills the needs of every person, be they casual or professional, photographer or cinematographer. With this in mind, camera manufacturers have tried to create models with unique features to drive users to their brand.

Editing Software Buyer’s Guide

Which system is good for you? What are the choices? What are the latest updates to our favorites? Which is too limiting for your needs and what is overkill? Let’s get updated on the latest developments in video editing software.

Field Monitors Buyer’s Guide

Deciding on new camera gear is always tough. This article discusses the benefits of using a field monitor to enhance the production quality of your videos and helps you focus on which product is right for you.

Microphone Buyer’s Guide

Buying a microphone can feel like purchasing a camera blindfolded. Why? In most situations, a buyer is not allowed to “test drive” the mic before purchase. So what’s the solution? This buyer’s guide does the legwork and points you in the direction of the perfect mic for your next shoot.

Gimbal Buyer’s Guide

Simply put, a gimbal is a pivot point that allows rotation along a single axis. Combine three separate gimbals to allow rotation along three different axes and you have a 3-axis gimbal — and an excellent tool for achieving silky-smooth, handheld video.

Action Cam Accessories Buyer’s Guide

The shots you get with your camera are dependent on where you place your camera. This is true from huge IMAX cameras down to tiny action cameras. The big difference between the two is that action cameras are small enough and light enough to mount almost anywhere.

Motion Control Buyer’s Guide

Motion Control systems allow video shooters to capture smooth, controlled and ultra precise camera movements. Many provide the ability to shoot both live action and time-lapse footage. For the videographer, trying to decide what motion control system to purchase can be a daunting task. With so many options available, where does a videographer start?

Camera Support Buyer’s Guide

Cinematography today has the advantage of technologies that those in the early 20th Century could never imagine, but one thing that has remained unchanged is the need for being able to support the camera and lens so that what is being shot will be held steady and in focus. To satisfy this need, there are a number of camera support solutions available, depending on what kind of shooting the camera will be doing.