Premiere Pro 13 is here with new color grading tools

New features are coming to Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro 13 looks to give you new ways to select color grade and offers an overall better performance.

The updated Adobe Premiere Pro CC is out today and Adobe’s been hard at work adding new features to the program. Adobe claims Premiere Pro 13 will offer better performance along with new selective color grading, Additionally, Adobe says version 13 now feature “polished” motion graphics workflows, “intelligent” audio cleanup, and end-to-end support for VR 180.

New selective color grading

Premiere Pro’s Selective color grading after the update now has five new curve adjustment tools:

Hue vs. saturation: With this tool, you select a hue range and adjust the saturation level. A vertical line will appear when you drag your selection up or down. The line will display the saturation levels available — acting as a visual guide.

Hue vs. hue: Here you can select a hue range and change it to another hue. There will also be a vertical adjustment guide line here.

Hue vs. luma: Using this tool, you select a hue range and adjust the luma (light). For example, you could darken a extremely bright sky.

Luma vs. saturation: This tool adjusts the saturation after you select a luma range. So, if you wanted to adjust the saturation in a sunset’s highlights and minimize clipping in the center of the sun, you could use this tool.

Saturation vs. saturation: Lastly, this tool allows you to selectively adjust saturation for a specific saturation range. This can be used for fine-tuning images or making sure you meet broadcast-legal saturation levels.

Improved motion graphics workflows

Adobe’s not just focused on color; it’s also improved their Motion Graphics. Adobe’s new features like font controls, data-driven infographics, and organized customization parameters will require Motion Graphics templates (.MOGRTs). Existing MOGRTs can be updated and re-saved in After Effects to add them.

Additionally, Adobe claims users will see a boost in performance for Motion Graphics. It’s noted that the performance is “noticeably faster” in most cases.

Other new features added to Premiere Pro

  • Color management for displays
  • Intelligent audio cleanup
  • Open Premiere Rush projects in Premiere Pro (read about Premiere Rush)
  • Edit and transform for vector graphics
  • VR enhancements
  • Collaboration enhancements
  • Auto-save improvements
  • A number of bug fixes

You can read about all the updates and bug fixes at

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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