Micro-Budget filmmaking with the Show Don’t Tell Podcast

On this week’s podcast, Mike and Chris chat with filmmaker and host of the Show Don’t Tell Podcast Noam Kroll. We talk about how the pandemic has impacted the motion picture industry. We also get into micro-budget filmmaking and what it means to be a specialist.

You can learn more about Noam here:
website – http://www.noamkroll.com
courses – http://www.noamkrollacademy.com
cinecolor – http://www.cinecolor.io
instagram – http://www.instagram.com/noamkroll
facebook – http://www.facebook.com/noamkroll
twitter – http://www.twitter.com/noamkroll
show don’t tell – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/show-dont-tell-micro-budget-filmmaking/id1228448011

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