Playing by your own rules on YouTube with Justin Odisho

Mike and Chris talk with Justin Odisho about editing, motion graphics and running a breaking the mold on YouTube. Justin runs a YouTube channel mostly focusing on post-production tutorials, but occasionally ventures into philosophy and literature — a divergence he somehow makes work.

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  1. I love this video! You guys all taught me stuff I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. I’d like to add something to what Justin said about learning by doing a project.

    In animation, screenwriting, and engineering I learned that you can start a project at any place in it. If you’ve got a story idea, start with that. If you’ve got a special effect or style, explore it. If you want to try a new tool, pick a few functions and work with them. Eventually your project has to become a unified whole, but you can start anywhere within it, fill in around that part, and rearrange the parts as you go.

    At certain points in the process, you need to stop, analyze the results and the process, and plan your next work. Finish the outline. Finish the script. Flesh out the design of a character or shot. But, you can’t analyze something that isn’t there. You have to do something first.

    Finally, to learn the most from a project, you have to finish it.

    Thanks again for a good hour of education.