8K video with Luke Neumann

The guys talk with Luke Neumann of Neumann Films. Luke is an expert on 8K video who runs a popular YouTube video as well as a stock media company. Topics include 8K video, HDR video, and creating the stunning footage that’s used to demo new TVs.


  1. This 8K thing reminds me of when 3D was a “big thing.” Broadcast TV did not support it. One had to either own a 3D video/still camera and/or purchase a 3D DVD.

    Now, the “big thing” is 8K. Who the heck cares! Seems to me it’s “one-upmanship” and bragging rights. Again, no TV broadcaster is going to broadcast 8K. So, what’s the use????

  2. This was a great discussion so thanks for hosting and posting it. My need for 8K (and even more) comes from shooting 360 VR content. Yes, it’s specialty content, but I don’t think it will die off like 3D. There is interest from museums and retirement centers. It is also being explored for pain management applications. Of course, this requires VR headsets, but they are now getting cheaper, wireless, and higher resolution. It is much cheaper to shoot a VR video than create high resolution animations that don’t look like video games for toddlers (at least for now). We upload the data files to the headsets, so the data transfer of large files is all done beforehand. I’m currently shooting in 5.7K, but since the video is “wrapped” fully around you, the resolution when viewing any one location is still too low, hence my desire to shoot higher resolutions “affordably” (cannot afford $5K cameras yet).

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