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Alejandro Iñárritu with a camera in production

How to Shoot a Long Take

What’s exciting about the long takes featured in Alejandro Iñárritu’s “Birdman” is that, with a little bit of prep and practice, that movie magic can be easily replicated at home.
Woman working on a laptop

How to Evaluate a Screenplay

As an up-and-coming director, you jump at the opportunity to direct your first feature film. When you get your hands on a script being...

How to direct an inexperienced crew

When you’re working on a tight budget, you have to take the help that you can get. Sometimes, that means relying on an inexperienced cast and crew to complete your project.
Working with Your DP

How to Effectively Collaborate with Your DP

Your Director of Photography can help bring your cinematic vision to life, but only if you work well together.
Even though every project varies based on the budget, shooting schedule and resources, the rule of thumb always remains the same for every director: have everything in order before the cameras start rolling.

How to Prepare for Your First Directing Gig

Directing your first project is like getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time. You read through the manual, attended the...
How to Craft Strong Characters

How to Develop Strong Characters that Draw in Your Audience

An outline for your screenplay is a great way to start, but developing strong characters will engage viewers in the story you’re telling. Would...
How NOT to be an Overbearing Director

How Respectful Directing Leads to Better Performances

Directing is a tough job. The long hours and pressure of keeping a production on track require a strong leader. While the stereotype of...
Top 5 Scouting Tips Every Location Scout Should Know

Top 5 Scouting Tips Every Location Scout Should Know

Although you won't need to go to a special school or take any college courses to become a location scout, you will need a...
How to Apply the Three Act Structure to Nonfiction Video - CNN’s “Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain”

How to Apply the Three Act Structure to Nonfiction Video

We all know how important three act structure is in narrative filmmaking;  it’s been used in storytelling of all sorts for eons, and if...
Film Crew on set.

Creative Collaboration: Building Team Dynamics for Your Production

When you start building a team for production, you are creating your most valuable asset.

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Script vs. screenplay: What's the difference?

Screenplay vs. script: What’s the difference?

There's a common misunderstanding regarding the topic of "screenplay vs. script." While these two terms may seem the same, they aren't.
What is a logline featured image

What you need to know about loglines

If you've ever wondered what a logline is and how professionals use it, look no further than this in-depth guide about loglines.
What is a screenplay featured image

What is a screenplay?

Screenplays are essential to movie-making. They are also necessary for those who want to get their ideas made into films.
Spec script featured image

How spec scripts can jump-start your screenwriting career

Spec scripts are different than standard scripts. They can be great tools to start your screenplay writer career and get your movies made.

Film history: the evolution of film and television

Everything in this article is at the very least incomplete. There’s no way you can even begin to cram the almost 150 years of film history into one article. There are whole books written about every single entry here. Consider all of these stepping...
Film studies featured image

An introduction to film studies

We often focus on the logistics of making films. However, knowing how to apply those techniques through film studies is just as important.

Everything you need to know about screenwriting jobs

While screenwriting may appear to be an obscure career, there are many rewarding script writing jobs out there.
Scene from "Man with a Movie Camera" (1929) Hands adjusting a camera

Film theory explained – a beginners guide

Often seen as dense and abstract, film theory can be a useful tool in understanding the meaning and impact of a film. But what exactly is it? Here’s what you need to know.
Programs for film studies featured image

The top 10 best film studies programs in the United States

There are many fantastic film studies programs around the country to help you learn the language of cinema and how to communicate with it.
Location scout

What does it take to be a location scout?

Location scouts are skilled masters of detail and work hard to make the director’s location wish list become a reality.
Casting director featured art

Casting director: the role explained

Casting the wrong people in your film can ruin even the best of scripts. It's up to casting directors to keep this from happening.
How to write a script featured image

How to write a script

Every video production needs some sort of script to ensure production moves smoothly. Here's a guide to help you write your script.
Modern logo design featured image

Modern logo design: Tips to make your logo stand out

With so much competition out there, you need to have a modern logo design that will help your business stand out from the rest.

The 9 essential things for beginning filmmakers

Get the shopping list today! In this video, we’ll cover all the things you should have when starting to make films or videos of...