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What is color theory? A simple explanation

Color theory can set the tone and mood for the viewer using color manipulation in pre-production, shooting and post. But what exactly is color theory?
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The Role of a Script Supervisor and Why You Need One...

Script supervisor is one of the few positions where you shouldn’t scrimp. Right now you may be thinking “our script knows its job and...
7 Tips to Help You Start Editing Your Film Script

7 Script Editing Tips that Will Take Your Screenplay from Good...

Even though you’ve finished writing your script, it's still a first draft and most scripts need more than one draft to be ready for...

Visual Screenplay Writing: Stay in Your Lane, Bring the Flavor

Before you sit down to write your next award-winning screenplay, make sure you’re writing for both the eye and the ear.
How to Craft Strong Characters

How to Develop Strong Characters that Draw in Your Audience

An outline for your screenplay is a great way to start, but developing strong characters will engage viewers in the story you’re telling. Would...
Titanic (1997)

Why Story is the Most Important Aspect of Video

There are numerous reasons creators get into the world of film and video, but the overlying constant that consumers all want is a good story!
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Look Me in the Ear: the Psychology of Eyelines

For effective communication, begin production with a clear idea of your viewers’ role. Consider how camera angles may change the relationship your viewer has to your subject.

How to direct an inexperienced crew

When you’re working on a tight budget, you have to take the help that you can get. Sometimes, that means relying on an inexperienced cast and crew to complete your project.
How to Break Down a Script

How to Break Down a Script for Production

Film production at any level is a complicated process. When working on your own, or even with a small team, there's a lot on...
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How to plan a successful video ad

Here we’ll focus on the pre-production aspects of producing a video commercial. We’ll discuss all the steps that must be completed before you press...

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Everything you need to know about livestreaming

The popularity of livestreaming continues to increase and isn't slowing down. We're here to show you the best strategies and techniques.

Why pre-production is essential for all videos and films

Some consider it tedious work, but pre-production can not only save you money and time. It can also enhance the creative process.

Production planning and why it’s essential

Even the simplest program depends on planning. Production planning, or production logistics, can be so complex that Hollywood production companies devote whole departments to it. It is an essential part of the pre-production process. You can cover the essentials by wrangling just five elements:...

Everything you need to know about blocking

Writers spend most of their time worrying about the words that the characters on the screen will say. Sound engineers worry about how to make sure the words can be heard and how to mix them with music and background noises. Lighting designers spend...
5 Famous directors

5 Famous directors and what we can learn from them

The best way for aspiring film directors to improve their craft is to study and learn from the works of famous directors from the past and present.
People with scripts standing in a casting call line

Casting calls: finding talent for your production

Casting actors and talent is an important part of the pre-production process, and it's something that shouldn't be taken lightly. There are a few places where you shouldn’t try to cut corners, and on-screen talent is one of them. The movie-rating website is...

What does a production designer do?

Before there can be any lights, cameras or action on a set, there must first be… a set! Enter the illustrious set director—better known in theater, television and film as a production designer.

How to write a treatment for your next screenplay

A treatment is a document that informs the reader about the story you are telling in your screenplay. Some writers use it as an outline to flesh out a story. Others use it to secure funding and support from producers, investors, and agents. Because there are numerous ways you can use a treatment, there are multiple formats you can use.

What is a DIT and what do they do?

Ever heard of a DIT? DIT stands for Digital Imaging Technician. With the advancement of digital cameras, this position was created to assist camera...

Why Kathryn Bigelow is a trailblazing director

Kathryn Bigelow is an Oscar-winning director best known for her films "The Hurt Locker" and "Zero Dark Thirty." She is the first and only woman to win an Oscar, which certainly solidifies her reputation as a trailblazer in the film industry. Bigelow makes a remarkable impression with her visceral aesthetic choices, which center repeatedly around violence.

The 10 Best Film Schools In The U.S.

Receiving an education in filmmaking, television production or documentary filmmaking is an important first step in starting a career in the entertainment industry. Not...

The ins and outs of being a video producer

A video producer is in charge of every aspect of the production from the beginning to the end. Their roles are to assists in everything from organizing logistics, deadlines and write scripts, to making a budget, corresponding with clients and customers and leading the production in a creative direction.

What you need to know about location scouting

Whenever you're shooting outside the confined walls of a video studio, you're shooting on location. And whenever you're shooting on location, you must deal...

How to write a script: writing screenplays during a pandemic

Are you stir crazy from COVID-19 and shelter-at-home orders? Do you know how to write a script? It’s never been a better time to...