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How to Evaluate a Screenplay

As an up-and-coming director, you jump at the opportunity to direct your first feature film. When you get your hands on a script being...
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What is color theory? A simple explanation

Color theory can set the tone and mood for the viewer using color manipulation in pre-production, shooting and post. But what exactly is color theory?
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5 Tips for More Useful Storyboards

Put that pencil to work!
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How to direct actors to get the best possible performance

The pre-production process is important for your entire production team. Once actors are cast, they are often overlooked until it's time to shoot, with...
Film Crew on set.

Creative Collaboration: Building Team Dynamics for Your Production

When you start building a team for production, you are creating your most valuable asset.
How NOT to be an Overbearing Director

How Respectful Directing Leads to Better Performances

Directing is a tough job. The long hours and pressure of keeping a production on track require a strong leader. While the stereotype of...
Andra.Hayes.On the set of Star Trek Renegades with Director Tim Russ - Photo courtesy Star Trek: Renegade

The Role of a Script Supervisor and Why You Need One...

Script supervisor is one of the few positions where you shouldn’t scrimp. Right now you may be thinking “our script knows its job and...
7 Tips to Help You Start Editing Your Film Script

7 Script Editing Tips that Will Take Your Screenplay from Good...

Even though you’ve finished writing your script, it's still a first draft and most scripts need more than one draft to be ready for...
Titanic (1997)

Why visual storytelling is the most important aspect of video

There are numerous reasons creators get into the world of film and video, but the overlying constant that consumers all want is a good story!
Your characters, their stories and the ways they intersect will be the elements that elevate your script and make it original.

How to Take Your Script Idea from Concept to First Draft

If I ever balk at a huge upcoming project, my husband will say “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”...

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How to write a script featured image

How to write a script

Every video production needs some sort of script to ensure production moves smoothly. Here's a guide to help you write your script.
Modern logo design featured image

Modern logo design: Tips to make your logo stand out

With so much competition out there, you need to have a modern logo design that will help your business stand out from the rest.

The 9 essential things for beginning filmmakers

Get the shopping list today! In this video, we’ll cover all the things you should have when starting to make films or videos of any kind. These are the essential things you don't want to be without. Filmmaking is a beautiful art, but there...

John Ford: The technique of one of America’s greatest directors

John Ford is one of those directors who had a profound impact in the industry. “The best director in the world” - Ingmar Bergman The "king of directors” - Frank Capra "A John Ford film was a visual gratification” - Alfred Hitchcock "I have respected John Ford...

What does a film director do?

Directing involves a plethora of skills, disciplines, and humane qualities. The director is the captain of the ship, but without experienced sailors, the vessel will inevitably sink.

Women’s History Month: Celebrating women in film

The film industry has always been a beacon of discovery and creation. The many contributions of women in the industry are influential, but have been overlooked and are less recognized than their male counterparts historically.

Everything you need to know about livestreaming

The popularity of livestreaming continues to increase and isn't slowing down. We're here to show you the best strategies and techniques.

Why pre-production is essential for all videos and films

Some consider it tedious work, but pre-production can not only save you money and time. It can also enhance the creative process.

Production planning and why it’s essential

Even the simplest program depends on planning. Production planning, or production logistics, can be so complex that Hollywood production companies devote whole departments to...

Everything you need to know about blocking

Writers spend most of their time worrying about the words that the characters on the screen will say. Sound engineers worry about how to...
5 Famous directors

5 Famous directors and what we can learn from them

The best way for aspiring film directors to improve their craft is to study and learn from the works of famous directors from the past and present.
People with scripts standing in a casting call line

Casting calls: finding talent for your production

Casting actors and talent is an important part of the pre-production process, and it's something that shouldn't be taken lightly. There are a few...

What does a production designer do?

Before there can be any lights, cameras or action on a set, there must first be… a set! Enter the illustrious set director—better known in theater, television and film as a production designer.

How to write a treatment for your next screenplay

A treatment is a document that informs the reader about the story you are telling in your screenplay. Some writers use it as an outline to flesh out a story. Others use it to secure funding and support from producers, investors, and agents. Because there are numerous ways you can use a treatment, there are multiple formats you can use.

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