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How to Craft Strong Characters

How to Develop Strong Characters that Draw in Your Audience

An outline for your screenplay is a great way to start, but developing strong characters will engage viewers in the story you’re telling. Would...
7 Tips to Help You Start Editing Your Film Script

7 Script Editing Tips that Will Take Your Screenplay from Good...

Even though you’ve finished writing your script, it's still a first draft and most scripts need more than one draft to be ready for...
How to Apply the Three Act Structure to Nonfiction Video - CNN’s “Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain”

How to Apply the Three Act Structure to Nonfiction Video

We all know how important three act structure is in narrative filmmaking;  it’s been used in storytelling of all sorts for eons, and if...
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How to Evaluate a Screenplay

As an up-and-coming director, you jump at the opportunity to direct your first feature film. When you get your hands on a script being...
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How to plan a successful video ad

Here we’ll focus on the pre-production aspects of producing a video commercial. We’ll discuss all the steps that must be completed before you press...
Even though every project varies based on the budget, shooting schedule and resources, the rule of thumb always remains the same for every director: have everything in order before the cameras start rolling.

How to prepare for your first directing gig

Directing your first project is like getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time. You read through the manual, attended the...
Your characters, their stories and the ways they intersect will be the elements that elevate your script and make it original.

How to Take Your Script Idea from Concept to First Draft

If I ever balk at a huge upcoming project, my husband will say “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”...

How to direct an inexperienced crew

When you’re working on a tight budget, you have to take the help that you can get. Sometimes, that means relying on an inexperienced cast and crew to complete your project.
Andra.Hayes.On the set of Star Trek Renegades with Director Tim Russ - Photo courtesy Star Trek: Renegade

The Role of a Script Supervisor and Why You Need One...

Script supervisor is one of the few positions where you shouldn’t scrimp. Right now you may be thinking “our script knows its job and...

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"F. Jullien Genève", maybe Frank-Henri Jullien (1882-1938) - "Indogermanisches Jahrbuch." Edits made to image: Cut out. Link to license: CC BY-SA 4.0

Ferdinand de Saussure: The linguist who unexpectedly helped create film theory

Ferdinand de Saussure's groundbreaking linguistic theories have had a major influence on cinema and narrative interpretation.
The importance of DOT documents

The importance of DOT documents: Lessons learned from a near-disastrous cross-country haul

Ask any industry professional and they are likely to have plenty of horror stories. However, this one could have ended in complete disaster.
Greta Gerwig

What can we learn from Greta Gerwig?

Being one of the most successful directors in the modern era, there's a lot we can learn from acclaimed director Greta Gerwig.
The role of the mood board in pre-production feature image

The role of the mood board in pre-production

Mood boards are used across various industries and for various reasons. But for filmmakers, they can be a huge help.
The purpose of video editing featured image

The purpose of video editing

Ever since the dawn of cinema, there has been a need for video editing. But why is that? What is the purpose of editing the videos we shoot?
What is an executive producer?

What is an executive producer and what do they do?

While there are many jobs on a film set, one of the most important roles is the executive producer. Here's why they are so vital.
Risk-taking cameraman filming from the top of a very high cliff in the canyons of Utah

The art of risk-taking in filmmaking

Taking risks in filmmaking can be quiet scary, but it can be also highly rewarding. No one shows us that better than Wes Anderson.
A scene from "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." Image courtesy: Focus Features

Creating surrealism: Films that refuse to explain themselves

Surrealism in filmmaking is a genre that has captivated niche audiences for decades. Here's what you need to know to make a great surrealist film.
Modern pre-production workflow for small teams: An in-depth guide

Modern pre-production workflow for small teams: An in-depth guide

Today, small teams are leveraging technological advancements and collaborative tools to streamline the pre-production process.
How to write, shoot and edit a video production on mobile

How to write, shoot and edit a film on mobile

With today's smartphones, more and more videographers are shooting video productions using their mobile devices. Here's how it's being done.
7 exercises to become a better screenwriter

7 exercises to become a better screenwriter

If you want to become a better screenwriter, then you're going to have to practice. Do these seven exercises to become a better screenwriter.

AI pre-production made easy with ChatGPT: Get screen direction written in...

Are you struggling with pre-production for your video projects? Well, say hello to ChatGPT, the AI pre-production tool that generates everything you need from...

How to direct actors to get the best possible performance

It's essential for a director to know how to direct actors and form a successful working relationship to deliver the best performance.
AI writing for scripts

How AI can help improve your scriptwriting

Scriptwriting can be time-consuming, but using AI writing tools can help speed up the process and let you be more creative in the process.