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The Chip Game

It tames bright lights. Captures a candle's glow. Freezes the fastest motion. Slices reality into hundreds of thousands of tiny pieces. It's a part of your camcorder that...

Pens, Pencils, Plots

The Fine Art of Storyboarding Making video is art. And creating a storyboard is an artistic endeavor all its own. The purest form of storyboards,...

Filtered States

Using filters, lenses and macrophotography to skew, illume and improve your video. The average person wanders through life looking at the world's objects and colors...

Special Delivery

Warping nine we journey through time and space, visiting strange new worlds where few have gone before. We see aliens burst from bellies and...

Touch of Glass

With filters, you can see the world through rose-colored glasses, psychedelic patterns, and a protected lens. Some professional still photographers carry a groaning weight of...

Eye on Video Lighting

The Ability to See Light as Your Camera Sees It Puts Quality Control In the Spotlight With fast lenses and sensitive imaging devices, today's video...

Teaming Up With video

Show your little leaguer the way to keep from stepping in the bucket as he or she rounds the bases. Use your own video...

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