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YouTube is now fact-checking conspiracy videos

To fight back against the swarm of misinformation and conspiracy videos on the platform, YouTube is fighting back with fact-checking info boxes.
SmallHD Focus OLED

Review: SmallHD Focus OLED

With a higher resolution and a denser pixel count, the SmallHD Focus OLED HDMI offers upgrades and updates to SmallHD’s best-selling product ever, the...
Cinemartin logo on a Cinemartin monitor

Cinemartin is Bringing the First 8K Global Shutter Cinema Camera to Life

Cinemartin reports that they are currently developing an 8K camera with Global Shutter and it’s being called the Fran.This is very shocking news because...
Video Misuse and the Law

What You Can Do When Your Video is Misused Online

Cyberbullying and nonconsensual pornography (otherwise known as “revenge porn”) are two of the most common ways in which videos are misused online to harm...

Terms of Use

This page contains our full User Agreement. You may wish to print this page for reference. This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions for...
Videomaker Presents the Best of NAB 2017 Award Winners

Videomaker Presents the Best of NAB 2017 Award Winners

Best Tripod Head: Manfrotto Nitrotech N8If the Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 looks a little strange, that’s because Manfrotto has replaced some of the mechanics inside...
Inspire 2 Premium Combo with Zenmuse X5S & Phantom 4 Pro+

Review: Inspire 2 Premium Combo with Zenmuse X5S is a Fantastic Drone. Plus, Our...

We have a long history covering DJI drones, from the original Phantom 1 to the complete Inspire line and the many Zenmuse cameras. With...
Best Camera: Panasonic GH5

The Best of CES 2017

This year, we ran from booth to booth tracking down the most exciting gear and innovations at the convention and came back with these...
Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K

Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K Review

The URSA Mini was created to be used on feature films, television shows, commercials, indies, documentaries, music videos and more. With stunning image quality,...
Finding The Right Reference Monitor: A Buyer’s Guide

Finding The Right Reference Monitor: A Buyer’s Guide

There are two main types of reference monitor, each used in video production in its own way. On set, field monitors give the crew...

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