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Sounding Good: Videomaker’s Guide to Audio Recorders

A few years back most folks were completely content with the sound emanating from the tiny speaker on the front of their TV. Times...

Laws on Makeup Left Out of The Art of Appearance

Makeup Precautions Jim Stinson's article, "The Art of Appearance" (Nov. 1996) left out a few important tips. In some states, including where I live, it...

Edit Suite: Choosing an Edit Controller

Now that you've taped several hours of weddings, birthdays, and other precious moments, it's time to make them watchable. Sooner or later, every videomaker will...

Book and Tape Reviews

YourCam-Canon Mark Shapiro (1996, SRS Productions, 8030 La Mesa Ave. #112, La Mesa, CA 91941; 60 min., $30) The latest in Mark Shapiro's YourCam series...

Sound Track: Audio Dubbing

Thanks to the modern miracle of audio dubbing, you can make changes or add new sound to your videotape. You've probably heard the term "dubbing"...

LCD Viewscreen Sets Apart new ViewCam

The Big Picture VL-H450U Hi8 ViewCam Sharp Electronics Corporation Sharp Plaza Mahwah, NJ 07430 ($2499) The new Sharp Hi8 VL-H450U ViewCam boasts a larger color LCD view screen and...

Desktop Video: The PC Platform

Millions of Americans own an IBM Personal Computer (PC) or PC-compatible, but the majority are not using it for Desktop Video (DTV) production. If...

Blank Tape: What’s New, What’s Old and What You Need

High quality. Extra high quality. High grade. Extra high grade. Super high grade. Premium Grade. Only one item in the videomakers arsenal can claim...

Edit Suite Edit Controller is Finally Available from Videonics

Edit Sweet Edit Suite Edit Controller Videonics 1370 Dell Avenue Campbell, CA 95008-6604 ($699) The Edit Suite A/B-roll edit controller from Videonics has finally arrived. This long-awaited editor offers multi-format...

Buying the Right Camcorder

"Camcorders?" the salesperson replies to your question, "right over here." And so they are: fat ones and skinny ones, big ones and little ones, black...

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Best After Effects and motion graphics template sites – 2021

You have the tools needed to create stunning motion graphics, but do you have the time? If not, using motion graphics templates can be a great way to add polish to a production without blowing your deadline.

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