Nikon Teases a new Noct-Nikkor Lens

Nikon’s released a brief 33-second video clip featuring what looks to be the Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/1.2, a famous, yet discontinued Nikon lens.

While the Noct-Nikkor 58mm F1.2 is one of Nikon’s most famous manual focus lenses, it was made in limited numbers. It was eventually discontinued in the late 90s — 20 years after launch.

As you can probably already imagine, this rare Noct-Nikkor lens is pretty darn hard to find. And even if you lucky to find one, they aren’t cheap!

Noct lenses often perform well in low-light situations. It would make sense for Nikon to resurrect this lens for it “In pursuit of light” mirrorless camera campaign. In the video, Nikon does flash the phrases “Inspired by Our Legacy” and “Built for the Future,” all this meaning we could potentially see an updated Noct-Nikkor 58mm F1.2 in the future.

“As we embark on our next 100 years, these lenses are a new symbol of Nikon’s quest for optical perfection,” the video states, most likely referring to the Noct-Nikkor lens.

The Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/1.2 in the video
The Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/1.2 in the video

This is the fourth teaser video Nikon’s released relating to its upcoming full-frame mirrorless camera. In July, Nikon announced it was developing a mirrorless camera and that the camera would be accompanied a new mount. So, obviously that means there was going to be new lenses coming. A new and improved Noct-Nikkor 58mm F1.2 could be one of them

There’s currently a countdown clock on Nikon’s website that is set to end on August 23 at 12 AM. It seems like Nikon has something big planned ahead, but we’ll know for sure when the clock stops. Until then, we can only speculate.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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