YouTube is making it easier for creators to fix manual claims

There’s been a spike in manual claims on YouTube videos and it’s led to lots of confusion. Now, YouTube’s aiming to make it easier to remove claims on videos.

YouTube’s looking to provide more information to the creator that has his or her video manually claimed. Now, YouTube will require copyright owners to provide timestamps to show where their content appears in the videos in question. YouTube is also now providing video editing tools in Creator Studio to make it easier for creators to remove the content segments that are being claimed.

Previously, YouTube did not require copyright owners to use the Manual Claiming tool to provide timestamps. This is what led to confusion for the creators whose videos were claimed. YouTube hopes this will provide key information to creators to resolve the manual claims more quickly.

Copyright owners must now provide timestamps for manual claims

According to YouTube’s Creator Blog, creators will receive an automatic claim from YouTube’s Content ID matching system. They’ll also see timestamps in Creator Studio when they get a manual claim. YouTube Studio will offer a visualization of where the manually-claimed content appears in the video in question.

It will also provide more info about the content being claimed. Also, YouTube says it will evaluate the accuracy of the timestamps. If the copyright owners repeatedly fail to provide accurate timestamps, the manual claim will be revoked.

New editing tool to remove the content being claimed

The editing tools offered on the platform have been updated to remove manually claimed content. The claim will be released automatically if the content being claimed is removed.

There are a few options you can do with YouTube’s video editing tools to get the claim off without editing and uploading a completely new video:

  • Mute all sound when the claimed song plays
  • Replace the song
  • Trim out the content

YouTube’s still working on these tools. For instance, they have plans to add a Trim option in the Video Copyright Info page that will allow creators to trim out claimed content with just one click.

Hopefully, these changes help creators who are having their videos claimed. The most important time for every video is when it premiers and if it’s claimed and demonetized, creators lose their revenue off the video. If creators can fix what is claimed quickly, then hopefully the damage won’t be too much. Also, creators can dispute claims if they believe it is incorrect.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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