Wooden Camera revives the 90s Sony VX1000 with the VX Mic

Back in 1995, many sport videographers were using the Sony VX100. Now, Wooden Camera has decided to bring the VX100’s mic back to life with the VX Mic.

Wooden Camera VX Mic
Wooden Camera VX Mic

Wooden Camera’s VX Skateboard Camera Mic is essentially a recreation of the Sony VX1000’s microphone. It allows the throwback mic to be used on modern cameras to “clearly record action sports sounds,” according to Wooden Camera. The mic’s four microphone capsules are arranged in the exact same orientation as the original VX1000’s mic, so it’s a good bet you’ll be hit with nostalgia if you were using the Sony mic back in 1995. Plus, its digital signal processor emulates the frequency filtering and compression of the original.

The VX Mic mounts by cold shot or by 1/4-20 screw. It’s a stereo microphone that has a battery that can last up to 48 hours. When it needs to charge, it charges with USB-C.

VX Mic: a recreation of a classic

In a promotional video for the VX Mic, Wooden Camera interviews TY Evans, a skate videographer, who has been testing the VX Mic for several months and he’s happy with what he’s experienced.

“One of the very first things I noticed about the VX1000 was the sound,” Evans says. “I remember how crisp, and the pops were so much more clean than these other cameras we’ve used in the past.”

When the VX1000 first camera it, it cost up to $3500. It sported a digital sensor res of 410,000 pixels and an analog horizontal resolution of better than 530 lines. At the time, its resolution and video clarity was said to be nearly unsurpassed. That includes the cameras that surpassed its price.

And Evans believes Wooden Camera has been able to replicate the VX1000’s mic very accurately. “It’s as close to the VX100 compared to any mic I’ve heard,” Evans says.

The VX Mic works with many modern cameras to capture action sports audio. In the video, Evans shows the mic with a 4K camera and even a RED camera. You can definitely mix the old with the new with this mic.

Pricing and availability

You can get your hands on the VX Mic for $299 now at woodencamera.com.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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