Wirecast 12 adds massive royalty-free stock library for live streams

Telestream has announced it’s adding a huge media library to Wirecast. The new Wirecast 12 now offers users an extensive library of stock media to use in their streams.

Version 12 of Wirecast gives operators access to over 500,000 “high-quality” royalty-free stock assets. The library will offer unique media assets, including motion graphics, audio background tracks and video backgrounds. We’ll also see the Rendezvous peer-to-peer remote conferencing and multi-site production feature added in Wirecast 12.

“We’re excited that Wirecast is first to market with a comprehensive stock media library to make it faster and easier than ever before to create professional broadcast looks and backgrounds that help attract and retain viewers,” said Scott Murray, VP of Product Management, Telestream. “Having direct integration of high-quality graphics and audio within Wirecast saves a lot of time and encourages users to take their productions to the next level.”

Custom-built portal for active support subscription members

Those with active support subscriptions with Wirecast will have access to a new custom-built portal which gives them direct access to all of the stock media. Before this update, all of the media files bought on Wirecast had to be purchased or created separately.

The stock media library is part of the standard Wirecast support subscription, so users will be able to use these features as they are developed.

Rendezvous has been updated

The Rendezvous tool has also received a significant upgrade that allows a custom audio mix to be sent to Rendezvous guests. This essentially gives operators control over what their guests are hearing, minimizing distractions.

QR code generator

The latest version of Wirecast also features a QR code generator. It’ll make it easier to share links. Wirecast will create a scannable image and broadcast it in the stream. Viewers can then scan the code with their phones and look at the link.

Custom playback speed settings

Also, the stringer transitions now allow custom playback speed settings. Additionally, users can adjust the timing of stinger transitions.

Pricing and availability

Wirecast 12 is available right now can be purchased at the Wirecast store starting from $486.

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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