Vimeo Stock Essentials offers over 1,000 stock clips free to Vimeo subscribers

Vimeo’s introduced Vimeo Stock Essentials. It’s a collection of over 1,000 stock clips that’s open to all Vimeo subscribers as a part of their membership.

Last September, Vimeo launched Vimeo Stock, which includes “highly curated, innovative, and royalty-free” footage according to Vimeo. The footage itself is sourced from some of Vimeo’s top creators, too. In the end, Vimeo’s intention with Vimeo Stock is to make it easier for creators to make professional videos while also saving time and increasing output. Now with Vimeo Stocks Essentials, Vimeo is making stock media assets even more accessible.

“Vimeo Stock Essentials is an exclusive collection to Vimeo, sourced directly from some of our favorite stock contributors and professional videographers. Whether it’s beautiful aerial footage of LA, an establishing shot of NYC, or just a really classic frame of a crowd in motion, Vimeo Stock Essentials features a well-rounded collection of desirable stock clips that can be used in projects of all kinds.”

Over 1,000 clips in Vimeo Stock Essentials

Like we said above, Vimeo Stock Essentials offers over 1,000 “high-quality, high demand” stock clips, according to Vimeo. The collection is open to all those with a yearly subscription.

Vimeo Stock Essentials
There seems to be a wide variety of clips in the collection — all varying from graphics to even drone footage

With Stock Essentials, any paying member can access the stock clips from the library and add them into their Vimeo accounts. There’s no extra charge for adding in the stock clips.

Vimeo estimates this to be a $60K deal. Additionally, Vimeo subscribers will continue to get the 20% savings benefits on every stock purchase from the broader Vimeo Stock library.

How to access the collection?

Those with yearly subscriptions can search the collection. Then from any clip page, select Add to account. Once that is done, Vimeo will automatically integrate clips into that Vimeo account for hosting, sharing, collaborating, and distributing.

An annual subscription to Vimeo costs $84. For more information, see Vimeo’s website.

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Sean Berry
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