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Vimeo now offers in-house live graphics. Image courtesy

Many Vimeo broadcasters use graphic overlays for their live events. But, they have a reputation for being hard to set-up. Now, Vimeo is offering in-house live graphics.

Vimeo has announced their suite of live tools will now include live graphics. The company said the new live graphics tool allows users to “easily add images, animated text, and logos” to all Vimeo live events right from your computer. No more third party tools. This is all inside Vimeo itself.

Here’s Vimeo’s trailer for the live graphics tool:

The new live tool should be useful for both beginners and experts. They’re simple enough not to overwhelm anyone starting out and at the same time offers graphics to experts who have a switcher but don’t want to get GFX software.

How it works

To start, you choose the type of graphic you want. Vimeo offers three graphic types: lower third, full screen, and logo.

Selection bar for Vimeo live graphics
There are three live graphics offer on Vimeo. Image courtesy Vimeo.

Lower Third

This graphic is a simple line of text that can add context to a scene. For example, think of news segments that run a line graphic containing the name and title of the person being interviewed. This kind of graphic is good for providing extra information to your viewers about the current speaker or topics being discussed.

Full Screen

A Full Screen graphic is an image you’ve uploaded that will be displayed full-screen at the top of your live stream. An optional line of text can be added for more context as well.


Lastly, the Logo graphic is a small image that is displayed throughout the event. It’s a good tool to use if a user wants to promote their brand.


Each graphic is customizable to a certain extent. Users can choose from a number of themes provided by Vimeo. There are more on the way, too. However, if users would rather have their own look to the graphic, Vimeo says users can change the font and primary color and as well as secondary colors.

Preview before the show

Vimeo can preview all graphics before the stream. So users can make adjustments if need be. There is also no cap on the number of graphics uploaded. Graphics can also be switched during live events within a browser.

Vimeo Premium members can access live graphics right now. Anyone without a membership can try it out Vimeo’s free live demo.

Image courtesy and Vimeo


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