VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 adds new tools for color correction, split screen effects and more

VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 is out and is aiming to “push creative boundaries” with new color correction and adjustments tools, according to Corel.

“VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 is known for its video editing environment where you don’t have to sacrifice ease of use for control, and experimentation for speed,” says Michel Yavercovski, Senior Director of Product Management for Corel video products. “It’s ideal for anyone who wants to have fun with their video editing, while creating movies that are uniquely their own.”

Let’s go through everything that VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 has to offer.

What VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 has to offer

What’s new?

  • Color Grading: With new color correction and adjustment tools, users can fine-tune each color with HSL tuning, tone curves, and Look-Up Table (LUT) profiles. Also, LUT profiles can be used and pre-sets can be stored.
  • Custom Transitions: Users can use Seamless Transitions to flip, zoom, spin or whip between scenes by aligning similar colors or objects to create a smooth and artful transition between imagery, according to Corel. Plus, users can merge scenes so there’s no discernible beginning or end with new Morph Transitions.
  • Split Screen Video with Keyframes: Users can add motion or show off multiple videos simultaneously by creating custom split screen layouts with new keyframe-based controls.
  • MultiCam Capture Lite: Both computer screens and webcams can be recorded simultaneously and brought together with the MultiCam Editor.
  • ‘Tiny Planet’ Effects: 360-degree footage can be converted into spherical panoramas to create ‘tiny plant’ or ‘rabbit hole’ effects.
  • Video Editing Shortcuts: With new shortcuts and workflow enhancements, users can add or remove gaps in the main timeline. Hotkeys can also adjust the clip’s position.
VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 displayed on laptop
VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 offers new new color correction and adjustment tools

What improvements will we see?

  • Mask Creator: text masks add a title or scene transition with a video playing behind it. “Try free select masks and easily export videos with transparent backgrounds using Alpha channel. Get closer to the action with new feather setting controls and an improved workspace. Save time on future projects by exporting masks to the Mask Frame library,” says Corel.
  • Tilting Options: Users can create “stunning” titles with motion, text, and graphics. Also, the 3D Title Editor has been enhanced to control textures, lighting and motion.
  • Premium Effects and Plugins: Corel touts hundreds of premium effects including video stabilization tools, color effects, and plugins. Plus, VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 includes NewBlue Video Essentials V and upgrades Boris Title Studio, ProDad, Vitascene V3 LE, Mercalli V4, and Adorage volume 13.

Additionally, the software supports HD and 4K video and offers tools for Stop Motion Animation. Also, the latest VideoStudio can switch between an on-board CPU processing and accelerated processing like CUDA. Lastly, is utilizes Smart Proxy tech to make for easier 4K editing.

Pricing and availability

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 is out now for $99. Go to to learn more.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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