VEGAS Streaming video live streaming software
Image courtesy: VEGAS

VEGAS Creative Software made a name for themselves in video production and post-production workflows. Now, it’s trying a hand at live video production with VEGAS Stream.

According to VEGAS, the streaming software works great for content creators and broadcasters in need of a “full-function, end-to-end live streaming production workflow” for popular social media platforms.

“VEGAS Stream provides content creators with a clean, simple and full-featured workflow that enables them to produce professional-caliber live stream productions, with stunning graphics, titles and imagery,” VEGAS says.

VEGAS Stream video livestreaming breakdown

  • Live switch multi-video sources
  • Picture-in-picture layouts
  • Stream to Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Microsoft Stream and other RTMP destinations
  • Social Media platform integration
  • Microsoft Teams and Skype messaging and live video call integration
  • NDI support

VEGAS Stream live switches between multiple video sources

The VEGAS Stream supports live switching between multiple video sources. So, you can have a multi-cam setup and switch between them throughout the stream with the VEGAS Stream. Also, the software supports picture-in-picture layouts.


Stream to popular streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube Live and Facebook Live. Utilize the software’s overlay graphics and dynamic live titles regardless of the platform you’re streaming to. Also, VEGAS Stream integrates live posts and comments from Twitter or Facebook directly into the stream. Microsoft Teams and Skype messages and live video are interpretable as well.

Edit recorded livestreams in VEGAS Pro

After finishing your stream, you can send over video of your recorded stream to VEGAS Pro. The stream’s visual effects, graphics, and titles are all saved.

Pricing and availability

VEGAS Stream comes in either the VEGAS Stream Pro 365 or VEGAS Stream POST 365 bundle package. Here’s the price breakdown:

  • VEGAS Stream Pro 365: $36 (monthly) or $32 (monthly, annual commitment)
  • VEGAS Stream POST 365: $52 (monthly) or $40 (monthly, annual commitment)