This Sony switcher supports live 4K video switching

The XVS-G1 is an upcoming, level-entry live production switcher from Sony. The XVS-G1 utilizes a new video processing engine to support 4K and 1090p video.

According to Sony, it’s quite the XVS-G1 versatile switcher. It works well in production environments such as news, entertainment, sports and education. Additionally, mid-size studios, outside broadcast vehicles and fly pack systems broadcasting live video benefit from using the XVS-G1.

XVS-G1 switcher overview

The XVS-G1 enables 3D digital multi-effects and its multi-viewer allows you to display multiple metrics of information. So, you can display the audio level meter alongside the multi-layer captions overlay. This makes it much easier to monitor everything or make adjustments during production. Additionally, various HDR format conversion operations are available.

“The switcher is designed to easily and instantly load media files into the internal SSD storage device directly from a menu display on a PC or tablet device,” Sony says.

Sony XVS-G1
Image courtesy: Sony

The switcher comes with a built-in Clip Player

For the first time, Sony incorporated a clip player into a live switcher. The XVS-G1’s clip player offers four channels in HD mode and two channels in 4K UHD mode. The switcher supports AVC codec files in MOV and MP4 formats as well.

New Menu GUI and control panels

Sony designed the XVS-G1’s menu layout to be easy to navigate through. The menu structure reflects live operation workflow and setup. Users can use Wi-Fi and a PC or a tablet for wireless operation.

“The structure allows quick access to the desired menu,” Sony says.

According to Sony, it includes various features from its XVS high-end switchers.

“The switcher inherits many features of Sony’s XVS high-end switchers and shares the same benefit of steady status recognition, confidence in button-push accuracy, and speed in mission-critical live production scenes,” Sony continues.


  • Entry-live
  • New video processing engine
  • 4K and 1080p support
  • For news, entertainment, sports, corporate, education
  • Mid-size studio
  • Broadcast vehicles
  • Hybrid structure (a central processing unit with graphic processing and a field-programmable gate array.
  • Processes 4K (UHD) and wide color gamut, high dynamic range, and low latency.

Pricing and availability

The XVS-G1 releases this summer.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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