This Samsung foldable smartphone has a removable camera

Reports say Samsung’s received a patent for a smartphone that’s foldable in three areas and features an interchangeable camera.

According to, Samsung was granted a U.S. patent last week for the hybrid device we described above. The phone, as the site describes it is a foldable camera that has removable camera.

Now, this concept may seem a little bit wacky, since we haven’t seen anything like it before. It’s likely that this idea will never see the light of day. Nevertheless, the idea of including a mechanism on a phone to allow you to add a circular camera is still interesting.

A foldable design

The device is said to have a dual hinge, allowing it to fold in three parts. The side describes the design: “The upper part has a secondary display on the front and is larger than the lower part, which has two control keys. On the backside, a lens mount is visible. When the lens is removed, the mount is flush with the phone body.”

Samsung smartphone patent drawing camera removed
This is what the phone looks like with the lens removed. Image courtesy

Stereoscopic 3D camera

When the lens is attached, it can act as a stereoscopic 3D lens. Samsung interestingly says the lens mount can also be attached to a bicycle, a vehicle interior, or a smart wearable device. So there’s a lot of options when mounting the phone for video capture.

This is one of the camera designs Samsung has in its patent
This is one of the camera designs Samsung has in its patent. Image courtesy

The phone does come with its own internal camera, however it can only work as a front-facing camera. The detachable camera is intended to be the primary camera for image and video shooting.

What sets this foldable smartphone idea apart from other phones is that you can choose the shoot with different cameras if you so wish. The concept in itself is very intriguing. We can’t really say anything more than that because we don’t know the specs of the cameras the phone would support. But from first impressions, it’s got our attention.

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