This is why you’ll be waiting a while to get the Nikon Z fc

Even though the Nikon Z fc opened for pre-order just a little over a week ago, the company is already running into issues with keeping up with demand for the camera. In a notice released this week, Nikon revealed the demand for the Z fc is exceeding its supply.

Unfortunately, this means many who’ve pre-ordered the camera will have to wait “some time” to receive the camera. While some people who’ve already pre-ordered will receive their Z fc in late July, most won’t receive one in that timeframe. This applies to pre-orders for the Z fc and the Z fc 28mm f / 2.8 Special Edition Kits.

What is going on?

It’s unclear why Nikon isn’t able to meet the Z fc’s demand. Petapixel points out that it is possible Nikon didn’t suspect the demand would be as high as it is. However, since Nikon has run into supply problems in the past (the Z7 II comes to mind), there’s a chance the company presumed the camera would be in high demand, but couldn’t keep up regardless.

The coronavirus surely hasn’t helped Nikon’s situation either. The company has stated in the past that it expected its production would slow down this year due to the increasing cases in Japan.

When will Nikon restock the Z fc?

Considering Nikon’s current supply issues and the fact it’s still dealing with the effects of the coronavirus, it could be quite a while until the Nikon Z fc supply catches up with demand. While Nikon says it will try to get it out as “soon as possible,” the wording in the notice doesn’t lead us to believe that it’ll be that soon.

“For some customers who are currently making reservations, it may take some time before the product is delivered,” Nikon said in the notice. 

If there’s any update regarding the Z fc’s supply, we’ll let you know.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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