Storyblocks launches new Member Library Partner Program

Storyblocks has launched its Member Library Partner Program, It’s a new content service that aims to “better align with the needs of content contributors and creators.”

The Member Library Partner Program offers creators unlimited access to stock video shot by professionals in multiple levels in the industry. Storyblocks describes the services as “simple” and “all-inclusive” subscription-based content library allowing contributor commissions to grow as Storyblocks expands.

Also, Storyblocks says the program offers an “affordable” membership and provides “flexible” royalty-free licensing.

Member Library Partner Program contributors’ revenue grows as market grows

There are a few details about the Partner Program that will help contributors grow their revenue alongside subscription growth. As the market grows, contributor earnings grow. Additionally, the program also will provide Storyblocks and its contributors with insights about how content is performing and the current trends. That should help contributors plan their content more efficiently.

“The Member Library Partner Program puts us in the unique position to provide diverse, high-quality stock media that the mass creative class demands while providing an earnings boost for our contributor community, and allowing them to better share in our success over the long run,” said TJ Leonard, CEO of Storyblocks. “We believe you cannot pivot an old approach to meet the needs of a new audience, and so we have created a fresh approach to stock media access that reflects the freedom, flexibility and choice required by today’s digital storytellers.”

The program is under testing

To start, Storyblocks will work with a targeted group of contributors. They’ll be testing in the group to “ensure consistency in both earnings and payout growth, as well as maintain a quality library,” according to Storyblocks. Storyblocks says it will add more contributors as the market grows.

Also, through membership subscriptions, Storyblocks’ Member Library Earnings pool will be divided among all contributors who participate in the program based on how much of their content is downloaded.

You can learn more about Storyblocks’ Member Library Partner Program on Storyblock’s official site.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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