Sony just pulled out of this year’s NAB Show

As vaccines start to roll out to more people, we’ve seen more in-person events popping up again. One of the big upcoming events is the NAB Show (scheduled for this October). However, as the Delta variant continues to surge in the United States, brands have the difficult decision to either attend the show or participate only online. However, Sony’s made its decision and it will withdraw from the NAB Show and InfoComm this year. And it will likely influence more companies to follow suit.

“Sony Electronics has been closely monitoring the evolving situation of the COVID-19 Delta variant,” Theresa Alesso, Pro Division President, Sony Electronics said in a statement regarding the withdrawal. “While these events are an important forum to reach our customers and introduce new products, this is a choice we made to ensure we’re putting our employees’ and our partners’ health and well-being first.”

Sony will still unveil products in conjunction with the NAB show

As the pandemic continues many businesses in the industry struggle to communicate with their audience in the most effective and safe way. Right now, with the COVID-19 Delta variant still infecting thousands daily, Sony isn’t ready to risk going to in-person events. However, they continue to interact with their audience and partners online.

Sony will host an online press conference at the NAB Show before the show’s opening. So while Sony won’t physically have a booth at the show, it will still unveil new products on the day. You can join Sony’s online event on Sunday, October 10th at 9 AM (12 PM ET) at or During the event, you can expect Sony to reveal new upcoming releases.

Is this foreshadowing more withdraws?

Sony is a major player in the industry and its actions have a lot of influence on other companies. Currently, no other companies have pulled their in-person participation at NAB this year. However, we expect this to change very soon. Sony’s withdrawal from the event has set the tone for the event, signaling that it’s not responsible for them to have their employees attend NAB this year.

It’s only a matter of time until more start to jump ship.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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