Sony takes Nikon’s spot in global digital camera market

According to a recent conference call, Sony claims that it has 24 percent of the global still camera market based on its total revenue. This means that Sony was able to see a four percent jump since last year.

More notably, the report went on to say that Sony’s interchangeable lens camera market share has also increased by 4 percent, going from 19 percent to 23 percent. The company saw a four percent jump in that market, meaning it’s now overtaken Nikon in the interchangeable lens camera market.

Sony passes Nikon

Sony’s been gunning for the number one spot as the top camera brand. It’s even set a goal to reach that feat by 2021. Sony is now officially ahead of Nikon with its interchangeable-lens market share. It is still behind Canon, but Sony is inching closer.

Canon’s held this spot for years, but Sony has stated it wants to be “be the top brand in the overall camera market.” Sony has already taken the top spot in the full-frame camera market in the US late 2018. So, if Sony keeps seeing an increase in its share, it’s likely Sony will overtake Canon.

Sony’s report also shows a drop in the still and video camera market

While Sony’s report reveals it has passed Nikon, the report also indicates a shrinkage in the still and video market as a whole. The report shows the still camera market has decreased from ¥1,400 billion to ¥1,300 billion. That’s a drop of 7.1 percent. Also, while Sony’s global market share in the video camera market has stayed at 29 percent, the market size has dropped from ¥390 billion to ¥300 billion. That is a very alarming 23 percent.

There has been much talk that the rise of smartphones and the slowing of technological milestones for cameras has resulted in a decrease in the markets. Sony’s report only supports those claims.

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Sean Berry
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