Shutterstock Elements offers thousands of video effects

Shutterstock has just announced its new footage library: Shutterstock Elements. The collection offers over 3,000 elements captured on cinema-grade cameras and lenses.

That’s right. Shutterstock has added thousands of cinema-grade video effects. That large number includes transitions, lens flares, VFX, video kits, film overlays, HUDs (heads-up displays) and UI (user interface) elements.

Elements is also compatible with all major editing programs. So, everyone can use Elements if they want to. Additionally, there are tutorials on how to use the effects to their potential. So, beginning effects artists shouldn’t be left behind.

Shutterstock‘s announcement video introducing Shutterstock Elements

Organized categories for specific genres

Shutterstock keeps the effects organized into categories for specific genres to help users find the effects they need for their movie genre without having to search through irrelevant effects. For instance, Elements offers video kits like “Yum,” which offers over 100 elements tailored for food vloggers. Those include lower thirds, transitions, animated characters and loopable backgrounds.

The selection of elements ranges across many areas. It offers things from digital assets, like transitions and overlays, to physical effects like explosions or glass shattering.

Shutterstock Elements offers thousands of cinematic effects
Shutterstock Elements offers thousands of cinematic effects.

“The demand for high-quality video is growing”

Shutterstock says that Shutterstock Elements is their response to Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report. The report highlights that digital video is now up to 28% of average daily watching time and 59% of Gen Z users cite YouTube as their preferred learning channel. So, it would appear the demand for video is growing, and it seems Shutterstock’s looking to provide tools for creators to fulfill that demand.

“The demand for high-quality video is growing while budgets are only getting smaller and timelines are getting shorter. Video editors, compositors, and vloggers are constantly faced with the challenge of maintaining quality and making the content stand out in today’s golden age of video,” said Sylvain Grande, SVP of Product at Shutterstock. “Elements is a one-stop shop for creatives who are churning out projects at an unprecedented rate, providing assets made with cinema-grade equipment that can make any project look like a big-budget production in no time.”

You can check Shutterstock Elements here.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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