Shure puts a built-in preamp in its new SM7dB mic

Fifty years after its introduction in 1973, Shure has launched a new member of its iconic SM7 family. The new Shure SM7dB XLR dynamic vocal microphone has a built-in active preamp designed by Shure. The new mic is aimed at podcasters, streamers and vocalists.


Shure SM7dB
Image courtesy: Shure

Shure says that the new SM7dB has the same rugged construction and audio quality as the SM7. With the phantom-powered, built-in preamp you can choose between a supplementary +18 or +28 decibels (dB) of clean gain. This means you can have a simpler audio workflow without the need for inline amplification. However, if you don’t need the additional gain, you can set the integrated preamp to Bypass. This reverts the SM7dB to the original SM7B performance.

Clearer audio

In addition, Shure says that the preamp removes the hiss and noise introduced by audio interfaces. These issues can happen when the audio interface preamps are driven to the levels necessary to provide enough gain for the SM7B. However, the SM7dB’s additional gain brings the microphone’s sensitivity up to a level optimized for typical audio interfaces. This also means that your audio will have maximum clarity when you are recording, broadcasting or streaming, whatever audio interface you have.


The SM7dB has a frequency response of 50 to 20,000 Hz and a cardioid polar pattern. This means it is designed to reject off-axis audio, so your voice is heard clearly, without distractions. The SM7dB also has switches to control the bass rolloff and presence boost. These reduce the bass and deliver brighter sound in mid-range frequencies respectively. As such, you can adjust the mic to best fit your sound source and your recording environment.

Other features

Shure SM7dB back
Image courtesy: Shure

The SM7dB uses air suspension shock isolation technology and a pop filter to eliminate unwanted noises and breathiness. It also has advanced electromagnetic shielding to stop hum from computer monitors and other audio equipment. The SM7dB has a yoke mounting to give you precise control of your microphone’s position. In addition, the yoke mount has a captive stand nut for easy mounting and dismounting. The new mic weighs 1.875 pounds (0.837 kg).

What we think

The SM7dB is a great addition to the Shure microphone family. The built-in preamp means that you can plug it into your audio interface without needing a separate inline amplifier. This simpler setup also makes the SM7dB great for users of all experience levels. The SM7 microphone family has been popular for 50 years and the SM7dB will likely sell well.

Pricing and availability

The Shure SM7dB XLR dynamic vocal microphone is available now. It comes in a sleek, black-on-black finish and retails at $499.

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