Shure launches new MV7+ microphone for content creators

Shure has announced its latest hybrid XLR/USB dynamic microphone, the Shure MV7+. The company says that it’s a significant step forward from the previous MV7 model, with a sleeker design and software upgrades.

Designed for content creators

Shure says that the MV7+ has been engineered for streamers, podcasters and musicians. As a result, the microphone has been designed to capture broadcast-quality audio in even the most challenging of spaces. The MV7+ also features Shure’s cutting-edge Voice Isolation Technology and Real-time Denoiser. Shure says that this avoids annoying background noises and delivers outstanding audio for every recording and streaming session.

Digital Signal Processing

Shure MV7+ back
Image courtesy: Shure

The MV7+ includes a new, innovative onboard Digital Signal Processing engine that powers a suite of advanced features. These include an improved Auto Level Mode, a Digital Popper Stopper for enhanced plosive control and Adjustable Reverb. The MV7+ also has a unique full-touch LED live meter display with numerous customization options. Shure says that this sets a new standard in sound quality and personalization while diving into a vibrant world of color.

MOTIV Mix Desktop app

The MV7+ podcast microphone integrates with the new MOTIV Mix Desktop app, Shure’s latest MOTIV software interface. This free app gives you the ability to configure all aspects of the MV7+. The software also offers multi-track recording and routing to give you greater control of your live streaming and recordings. In addition, there’s a Soundcheck feature to optimize your mic’s gain setting and full access to the DSP features of the MV7+.

Empowering creators

“Modern content creators and streamers are constantly searching for new ways to customize their set up and sound to set themselves above the pack,” said Sean Sullivan, Associate Director of Global Product Management at Shure. “The MV7+ is our answer to this challenge. It builds off the legacy of the MV7 and delivers broadcast-quality audio in any setting while empowering creators with intuitive customization and control. Through our latest DSP innovations and the new MOTIV Mix desktop app integration, the MV7+ is set to redefine excellence in audio recording for every session.” 

What we think

The Shure MV7+ is ideal for podcasters and streamers. Many content creators have to work in less than ideal spaces so the voice isolation and noise reduction features of the mic will enhance your audio quality. The multicolor LED live meter display will also boost the visual appearance of your mic when you are on camera. In addition, the free MOTIV Mix Desktop app gives you all the control you need to ensure great audio. If you are looking to get a new mic for content creation or to improve your existing setup, the Shure MV7+ is one to look at.

Pricing and availability

The Shure MV7+ Podcast Microphone is available now in a black color option for $279. Shure says that a white version will be available in the summer at the same price. There will also be an MV7+ Podcast Kit with a black microphone and a Gator mic stand for $299.

Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies
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