Rumor: OnePlus 9 Pro houses four Hasselblad cameras

It’s been a while since Hasselblad’s partnered with a smartphone manufacturer. The last time we saw the company dabble into smartphone cameras was the Hasselblad True Zoom — a modular attachment for Motorola phones. Many believe it was a total flop due to its lackluster image quality. Hasselblad hasn’t released anything smartphone-related since then. However, the company is reportedly planning to make a smartphone camera comeback.

According to a leaked image from YouTuber Dave2D, the unannounced OnePlus 9 Pro will house four Hasselblad cameras.

OnePlus phones don’t have the best reputation for their smartphone cameras. Hopefully, this potential partnership will bring redemption to both companies.

Image courtesy: Dave Lee

What we know so far about the Hasselblad cameras

Right now, the details are slim. Visually, we can see four Hasselblad-branded cameras featured on the OnePlus 9 Pro. There is a wide-angle, an ultra-wide and telephoto lenses placed on the back of the phone. As for the fourth sensor, we’re not sure what that one could be. In the past, OnePlus phones included novelty features, like a black-and-white monochrome sensor. Dave Lee says the smartphone may offer a built-in tilt-shift photography mode. If true, it’s likely related to the fourth sensor. The Verge also claims a depth-sensing or macro camera are other potential possibilities.

When is the OnePlus 9 Pro coming out?

According to Android Central reports, OnePlus will reveal the OnePlus 9 Pro next month, alongside two other smartphones. Now, remember to take all of this with a grain of salt. Like Petapixel points out, most of the time, rumors are fake. However, since Dave2D provided us with leaked images, this rumor seems more likely than others. If true, we hope the Hasselblad and OnePlus partnership will bring about an affordable smartphone with a decent camera. We’ll have to wait and see if the rumor is true.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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