Roland VR-1HD wins Best Streaming Switcher at CES 2019

Congratulations to Roland for winning Videomaker’s Best Streaming Switcher for CES 2019 with the VR-1HD multicamera broadcasting mixer.

From what we saw at CES, this dynamic multicamera mixer can connect, switch and stream cameras, presentations and gameplay, as well as smartphones and tablets with HDMI inputs. The device offers “amazing picture quality and sound that outperforms video live streamed from just a mobile phone or static webcam,” according to Roland.

Roland VR-1HD

HDMI inputs

Each of the three inputs on the VR-1HD accepts HD and computer video resolutions, and it can also be used as an audio mixer with two studio-quality XLR microphone inputs and a line input.

Hands free

The VR-1HD also allows users to go hands-free and headset-free while live streaming with a top-mounted mic input. This lets users use a gooseneck mic to operate the VR-1HD with dedicated controls. The mixer can switch cameras based on who is speaking into the microphone. If more than one person talks into a mic, or if everyone is silent, the VR-1HD can switch to a wide shot of the scene, capturing both speakers.

Additionally, the Scene Switching functionality allows users to instantly switch between scenes with transitions. The mixer can have five scenes preset.

Roland VR-1HD back view
The VR-1HD can connect, switch and stream with HDMI inputs

Other functions include Auto Scan function, which gives users the ability to pre-set a specific time for switching between sources. Also, Beat Sync Switching listens to the tempo of a performance and automatically selects which camera inputs to switch between.

Sharing streams

This mixer just needs to be plugged to a computer’s USB port for a fully produced live cast or recording. Those who stream on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook can all find use out of the VR-1HD.

VR-1HD on desk
Roland takes home Videomaker’s Best Streaming Switcher of CES 2019

VR-1HD Features

  • Three HDMI inputs that accept HD and computer video resolutions
  • Studio-quality XLR microphone inputs and line input
  • Mic input for a gooseneck microphone
  • Scene switching functionality, with five pre-set scenes that can be included in any live stream
  • Audio Effects functionality allows sound effects, jingles and theme songs in videos/performances
  • Auto Switching modes
  • Functions as its own audio engineer with automatic mixing function and built-in “equalizers”, “gates” and “compressors” to balance out changes in volume when speaking or singing
  • Voice Changer effect from Roland’s VT series of Voice Transformers can instantly transform any performer’s sound
  • Stream performances and presentations through a computer’s USB 3.0 ports.

Pricing and availability

The VR-1HD is open for preorder for $1,495. Check out

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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