RØDE announces new Wireless PRO system

RØDE has announced a new wireless microphone system, the RØDE Wireless PRO. RØDE says that the Wireless PRO has an unprecedented feature set for any microphone, not just a compact wireless system.

Wireless system

Similar to the RØDE Wireless Go II, the Wireless PRO comes with two transmitter units and one receiver. In addition, the new system has the same form factor as other RØDE wireless microphone systems. The Wireless PRO uses the RØDE Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission and proprietary near-zero latency codec with 128-bit encryption. This also delivers crystal-clear, stable audio at distances up to 850 feet (260 meters) line of sight.

32-bit float recording

Image courtesy: RØDE

The Wireless PRO transmitters have broadcast quality built-in omnidirectional microphones. They also have locking 3.5 mm connectors so you can use the included RØDE Lavalier II microphones with the transmitters. In addition, each transmitter has 32 GB internal memory for recording clip-free 32-bit float audio. This is great as a back up in case your wireless connection drops out for any reason. RØDE says that the transmitters can record for over 40 hours.

Receiver unit

RØDE included its GainAssist technology with the Wireless PRO to automatically control audio levels. This ensures the output is smooth and balanced to minimize the risk of clipping. It also has a 30 dB gain range, so you can tailor the mic’s output to your camera. In addition, you can use pre-configured presets for many popular cameras. For added peace of mind, the Wireless PRO has a safety channel feature. This outputs a second channel of audio 10 dB lower than the primary channel.


RØDE Wireless PRO in use
Image courtesy: RØDE

The Wireless PRO comes with advanced timecode capabilities. The receiver unit generates the timecode and sends it to your cameras and audio recorders. The timecode information is output as an audio signal which can be used by cameras which accept timecode. For other cameras, the signal can be recorded as an audio track and interpreted by your editing software. In addition, the Wireless PRO receiver sends timecode to the transmitters so that it is baked in to the internal recordings.

Battery life

The Wireless PRO transmitters and receiver have internal lithium-ion batteries which give you up to seven hours of use. They are also supplied in a smart charging case which will recharge each of the units two times. The charging time is only two and a half hours to go from empty to a full charge. In addition the transmitters and receiver have USB Type-C ports for charging or powering with external battery packs. You can also use the charging case for ultra-fast data transfer to export recordings when out on location.

Other features

Image courtesy: RØDE

The Wireless PRO system comes with a full set of accessories. You get the charging case and two Lavalier II microphones. There are also three furry windshields and MagClip GO magnetic clips for the transmitter and receiver. In addition, there are cables for 3.5 mm TRS, Lightning and USB-C connections and a case for the accessories.

What we think

The RØDE Wireless PRO is a comprehensive wireless microphone system. It gives you the flexibility to work with the transmitters alone or use the lavalier microphones. The 32-bit float internal recording also means that you don’t have to worry about your back up recordings being clipped. In addition, the built-in timecode is a great feature, so you don’t need to use an additional timecode system. The Wireless PRO seems like an ideal choice if you want a new wireless microphone system. The new features even make it worth considering upgrading if you already use the RØDE Wireless GO II or a similar wireless microphone system.

Pricing and availability

The RØDE Wireless PRO retails at $399 and will be available to preorder on August 28.

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